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SCHMIDT Tank Cleaning

The inside cleaning of the tank unit is an essential part of the quality chain for bulk transports.


13 SCHMIDT logistic centers are equipped with their own cleaning station (including drying lanes) which design depends on different requirements.
The tank unit is automatically cleaned under high pressure via spray heads, partially with warm water as well. If necessary, cleaning agents can be added.


Each cleaning process ends up with the check up by the cleaning foreman and the issuance of an ECD cleaning certificate. The wastewater treatment is done by the state-of-the-art technology and is liable to constantly governmental control.


In order to maintain the high quality standard, the SCHMIDT cleaning facilities get constantly checked and the staff which is responsible for the cleaning also takes place on regular training courses.


Not only as founding member of Deutscher Verband für Tankinnenreinigungen e.V. dvti (German Association for Tank Cleaning) SCHMIDT is working on the further development of cleaning process and also takes a relevant part in the development of new technical standards.


The SCHMIDT cleaning stations can be used from all freight forwarders.




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