Best solutions in bulk logistics


Warehousing for bulk goods

The SCHMIDT Group operates the largest network of logistics centers for the European plastics bulk industry.

Most sites are located in the immediate vicinity or adjacent to key manufacturers of the petrochemical industry.


To supplement transport services SCHMIDT bulk logistics centers offer various storage and warehousing capacities, customized to individual requirements.


Silo Storage

All silos are made of aluminum or stainless steel and suitable for the storage of all typical plastic products and many other types of dry bulk goods.


Each silo unit


  • can be used for storage or filling purposes
  • loading from underneath (by road tanker, container or partially rail cars)
  • can be cleaned without leaving any residues

Conventional Warehousing

For storing packaged and palletizes goods, conventional storage areas have been set up at our SCHMIDT logistics centers:


  • ground floor storage areas
  • ramp storage
  • high-rack storage
  • open/outside storage


SCHMIDT has long-term experience with and extensive know-how regarding the various types of bulk products. Detailed knowledge of the characteristic behaviour of bulk products during loading/bagging, storage or unloading processes ensures safe and reliable service.


A multitude of SCHMIDT logistics centres are equipped with high-tech weighing equipment, their patented technique ensuring that road tankers or bulk containers are loaded within a tolerance of 200 kg (based on the total weight permissible). (Accuracy in 50 kg-increments)


Storage and warehousing facilities are shown on the following file: