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SCHMIDT Product Handling

The SCHMIDT Group offers complete supply chain options from the production line to the consignee. These processes – being part of the supply chain – start with the goods being transported into the logistics centers ending with the delivery to the consignee.

There, the products can be processed in a multitude of ways: De-/bagging, dedusting, drying. Storing/warehousing packaged goods as well as transport to the consignee is included in the service portfolio.


After the storage of chemical bulk goods, SCHMIDT will refill the bulk goods into smaller packaging - according to customer specifications:


  • 25 kg flat film sacks
  • 25 kg tubular sacks
  • big bags
  • octabins
  • special packaging


The technically developed product handling process using special equipment and process technology improves the product quality.


Technical Product Handling

Due the technical subsequent processing using special equipment and process technology an increase of the product quality can be reached. 


The following technical product handling equipment is available: 


The Product Handling Process Chain



Detailing the product handling process chain:


  1. Storage of material via conveying pipelines directly from the production plant or from a tank unit
  2. Storing the bulk goods in silos
  3. Bagging in bulk or as packaged goods
  4. Palletizing and shrink-wrapping (packaged goods only)
  5. Warehousing of packaged goods
  6. Transport of bulk or packaged goods to consignee