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SCHMIDT Fleet Safety

To guarantee a smooth and economical operation of the SCHMIDT vehicle fleet, the SCHMIDT-Group process over repair workshops at numerous locations.


The technical ambitious transport equipment gets repaired and as well regularly checked and maintained in these car workshops. This ensures that all vehicles are equipped and provided according to the state-of-the-art technical meeting any legal safety regulations.


All SCHMIDT repair shops can be used by our subsontractors and external transport companies.

The most important services of the SCHMIDT repair workshops include:

The provision of spare parts for


  • Mercedes-Benz and Scania tractor units
  • Spitzer tank units
  • Bulk containers
  • BPW axles
  • Compressors
  • Satellite systems


Repair, installation and/or servicing:


  • MOT service (General Inspection acc. to § 29 German Road Traffic Regulations HU)
  • Safety Check acc. to § 29 German Road Traffic Regulations (SP)
  • Exhaust Emission Test for diesel vehicles acc. to § 47 a German Road Traffic Regulations (AU)
  • Checking tachograph and tracking devices acc. to § 57 b German Road Traffic Regulations
  • Servicing the A/C
  • Oil and grease checks
  • Inspection and servicing of tractors units and tank trailers
  • Tire service for commercial vehicles
  • Visual wheel alignment
  • Diagnosing service for trailers
  • Vessel pressure testing
  • Service of compressors and hydraulic systems
  • Installation of compressor units
  • Installation and repair of satellite systems
  • Break check
  • SCHMIDT QS check
  • ACEP check


All SCHMIDT repair shops are also open to vehicles of subcontractors or third parties.




Emergency Contact

M - F 7:30am-6pm +49 7131-947-0
24/7 Hotline +49 7131-930-467