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SCHMIDT Logistics Solutions

Logistics solutions are provided for complex material flow and transport systems. In this case the whole process chain will be analyzed and optimized from the point of production to the factory of the consignee.

Optimizing the Supply Chain:

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SCHMIDT- Gruppe als Outsourcing Partner - Kernprozesse




250,000 t p.a. of bulk granulate
approx. 10 different grades
production batches of 250 t each
separated into 60 % bulk and 40 % packaged goods
construction and operation of facility
products conveyed via transport pipelines



  • Optimization of production process
  • Supply-Chain: storage – handling – distribution provided by logistics partner



Silo storage capacity

20,000 m³

Warehousing capacity

10,000 m²

Bagging capacity

120,000 t p.a. with 2 moveable bagging machines

Duration of construction

12 months from construction start until operation