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SCHMIDT Gas Transports

SCHMIDT Gas Transports
Rötelstraße 1
74076 Heilbronn
T +49 7131 947-0
F +49 7131 947-155


Herbert Barth
Tel.: +49 7131 947-0
Anton Schad
Tel.: +49 621 6600-3

Since 1976, the transport of gases is a constant within the SCHMIDT Group of companies.  
SCHMIDT Gastransporte GmbH & Co. KG transports industrial and medical gases in special vehicles on the road.


Locations in Germany:

Biebesheim, Dillingen, Gundelfingen a.d. Donau, Kornwestheim, Langweid-Foret, Ludwigshafen, Salzgitter, Siegen, Weil am Rhein and Wessling.


Locations in Austria:

Anif, Braunau, Donawitz, Enzersdorf a.d. Fischa and Neukirchen/Lambach


Locations in Poland:

Rybnik, Turek, Warsaw



Air Liquide, Matheson, Messer, Praxair, Tyczka, Westfalen AG


Emergency Contact

M - F 7:30am-6pm +49 7131-947-0
24/7 Hotline +49 7131-930-467