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MKL Mitteldeutsche Kunststofflogistik

MKL Mitteldeutsche Kunststofflogistik
Mitteldeutsche Kunststofflogistik GmbH & Co. KG
Rötelstraße 1
74076 Heilbronn
T +49 7131 947-0
F +49 7131 947-155

MKL (Mitteldeutsche Kunststofflogistik) is a joint venture of KARL SCHMIDT Spedition and Finsterwalder Transport und Logistik, founded in 2002.

Inside the Value Industrial Park in Schkopau near Merseburg (German province of Sachsen-Anhalt) MKL built a state-of-the-art 26,000 m² logistics facility including 70 storage silos with a total capacity of 17,500 tons, an intermediate platform equipped with mobile bagging equipment and a warehouse with 10,380 m² of covered floorspace for plastics manufacturer DOW.

An annual 300,000 tons of polypropylen granulate directly from DOW production is handled from here.
This EUR 17m project was completed after one year construction only and given over to production in June 2004 in a public opening ceremony and is operated by MKL ever since.

Emergency Contact

M - F 7:30am-6pm +49 7131-947-0
24/7 Hotline +49 7131-930-467