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Foreign Organization
Lennart Goeller
Tel.: +39 0532 467197
Intermodal Services
Sonja Stich
Tel.: +49 7131 947236
Reiner Hopp
Tel.: +49 7131 947203
Information Technology
Thomas Rech
Tel.: +49 7131 947287
Storage Management
Michael Pütz
Tel.: +49 221 7680924
Siegfried Ott
Tel.: +49 7131 947283
Human Resource
Marcus Riecker
Tel.: +49 7131 947208
Quality Management
Patty Lehnhardt
Tel.: +49 7131 947278
Safety at Work
Peter Stebljanko
Tel.: +49 7131 947401
Thomas Schmidt
Tel.: +49 7131 947272
Road Transports / scope GMP+
Alexander Heinz
Tel.: +49 7131 947313
Technology Europe
Martin Hinrichs
Tel.: +49 7131 947271
Technology Middle East
Dr. Wolfgang Hoppmann
Tel.: +49 171 8630514
Herbert Barth
Tel.: +49 7131 947241
Repair Workshop
Thomas Stemmer
Tel.: +49 7131 947250

SCHMIDT corporate headquarters have been located in Heilbronn am Neckar since the company’s foundation in 1948. All activities throughout Europe are controlled and co-ordinated from Heilbronn.


The Board of Directors, company and divisional management as well as corporate administration are located in Heilbronn. Here is the interface of the entire SCHMIDT IT network and home to the Quality Management and Driver’s Training departments.


The Corporate Engineering department is responsible for drafting, planning and coordinating logistics and outsourcing solutions and technical facilities within the SCHMIDT group of companies. Additionally, the SCHMIDT Central Dispatch department for vehicles throughout Germany, the Corporate Fleet Management as well as the Corporate Autoshop and Corporate Spare Parts Center are located in Heilbronn.


Silo transports

Silo transports

Transporting dry goods as bulk in road tankers with a capacity between 55 and 60 m³.
Intermodal traffic

Intermodal traffic

Transport of dry goods as bulk in 20', 30' or 40' containers.
Gas transports

Gas transports

Industrial and medical gasses are transported in special vehicles by road.


Quality cleaning of the inside of road tankers and silo-containers manually or in cleaning stations by means of automatic spinner heads (high-pressure cleaning) with subsequent issuance of a cleaning certificate.
Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Service, maintenance and repair for road tankers, silo-containers and technical equipment of SCHMIDT logistics facilities.
Gas stations

Gas stations

Diesel and AdBlue gas station for SCHMIDT-owned and subcontractor vehicles.
Order processing

Order processing

Communication with customers and vehicles to process transport and storage/warehousing orders.
Satellite communication

Satellite communication

Communication, positioning and dispatch of vehicles via a satellite system.
Quality Management

Quality Management

SCHMIDT subsidiary certified acc. to ISO 9001:2008.


The Safety & Quality Assessment System (SQAS) is a standard set by the European Organization for the Chemical Industry (CFIC). It serves to assess quality, safety and environmental compatibility of logistics providers.


Good Manufacturing Practice System (abbr.: GMP+) is a recognized, independent assessment scheme to ensure safety of feed stuffs for the world-wide feed chain.

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