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Positions currently available

Dispatcher / office clerk (unisex)


Branch manager (unisex)



Dispatcher Eastern Europe (unisex)



Commercial Staff (unisex)

Project manager electrical/automation engineering (unisex)



Clerk bid management intermodal (unisex)



Dispatcher for complete loads (unisex)

Professional driver - Gas transports (unisex)

Clerk vehicle fleet management (unisex)

Professional driver - Gas transports (unisex)

Mechatronics technician motor vehicles (unisex)

Dispatcher Silo Trucking (unisex)

Safety engineer (unisex)

Transport Manager for silo and container transports (unisex)

Professional Truck Drivers Gas Transports (unisex)

Professional Truck Driver (unisex)

Service engineer (unisex)

Dispatcher Container-Chassis, Trucks (unisex)

Automotive Mechanic / Mechatronics (unisex)

Metalworker or Welder (unisex)

Our subsidiaries constantly offer interesting challenges.


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If you have any questions please contact
our corporate Personnel Department at Heilbronn headquarters


Marcus Riecker

Head of Human Resources


Phone +49(0)7131-947-208




Independent transport entrepreneurs equipped with their own tractor/s are welcome
to apply as subcontractor/s.


We provide fair assignment concepts, tailored individually and offer
a long-term business partnership.


Please contact for this


Alexander Heinz

Haulage Director

Phone +49(0)7131-947-313   Mobile +49(0)151-147 065 80






Klaus Löffler

Deputy Haulage Director


Phone +49 / 7131-947 238   Mobile + 49 / 171-33 11 295