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SCHMIDT Information Technology

SCHMIDT handles more than 1000 transport orders every day. Plus further storage orders as well as customer-specific special orders. Our own state-of-the-art forwarding software supports all users from various areas interlinked. 



TMS Forwarding Software

SCHMIDT use their state-of-the art ”TMS” software (Transport Management System). TMS is a fully integrated software package operating with client servers, covering all freight and transport handling activities from preparing quotations, order processing, dispatch to billing to customers and subcontractors.


TMS was developed in close cooperation with eI² GmbH (formerly "dsb AG") being also partner for the ongoing planning and implementation of further development.
Indeed, being fairly unusual in the logistics industry, the successful and intensive team-work has been going on for more than 40 years.


More than 200 users at locations in the SCHMIDT network are linked online to the mainframe servers by VPN (Virtual Private Network). This provides an instant and even level of information to every user anywhere in Europe. In particular, exact transport information, supported by a fully integrated satellite communication tool, can be provided to every user at any time. This is supported by having completely integrated satellite communication and satellite positioning into the TMS system.


More than 2/3 of our transport orders are transferred via EDI resp. XML directly from the customers’ ERP systems into the SCHMIDT EDP forwarding software. First, the data have to be transformed into a uniform and standard format (EDIFACT resp. XML). In addition to an optimized transfer of transport orders, EDIFACT/XML is being increasingly used for actual status reporting.

Currently, the SCHMIDT Group operates EDI connections with 35 customers using the data formats IFTMIN, IFCSUM, IFTSTA and CIDX.


Electronic data transfers offer a number of benefits:


  • reduction of paperwork
  • reduction of time-consuming phone calls
  • reduction of manual data inputs
  • error reduction after phone communication and new data entry
  • increased communication speed
  • improved customer service


Communication with the major part of SCHMIDT corporate vehicles is handled via the Astrata telematics system. Astrata communication and tracking tools are directly integrated into the SCHMIDT TMS forwarding software.


This option provides the following major benefits:


  • Availability of precise and continuously updated transport information from vehicles, i.e. about the goods
  • Simplification and automation of routine dispatch processes
  • Error reduction by automatic 1:1 data transfers
  • Reduction of time-consuming and expensive telephone calls thus reducing communication costs
  • Increased transparency
  • Supervision of driving and break periods (vehicles with digital tachograph only)
  • Analysis of vehicle performance data


By applying this solution, the SCHMIDT group was able to achieve another major service quality improvement that benefits both customers and the whole SCHMIDT network.


With a specially established database, subcontractors of the SCHMIDT group are granted access to call up order details and positioning data of their vehicles via internet. (Please click here)


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